mortar boardHere we honor and celebrate the CESS Class of 2020!

    Congratulations on your many accomplishments and your impactful contributions to The University of Vermont and to the people and communities we serve. As members of the CESS Class of 2020, you are poised to make a difference for the families, schools, and communities we serve.

    Enjoy this online celebration of your success until we can see you on campus at commencement!

    CESS Class of 2020 Graduates: We Celebrate YOU!

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    CESS Banner Bearer Persephone Naylor introduces a video tribute to our graduates.

    Rise Up: We Celebrate You For...

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    Our Student Advisory Board (SAB) includes twenty student representatives. The board serves an important role by elevating student voice and engagement on topics of importance to students and the mission of the College; ensuring student participation in recruitment and retention initiatives; helping to advance academics, equity, and the student experience; and fostering perspective-taking amongst peers and with faculty, staff, and the CESS leadership.

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    We invite you to visit our CESS Senior Honors and Awards page.

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    Celebrating our CESS Community

    The impact of our CESS community extends locally, nationally, and globally!

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