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Would you and your child benefit from an opportunity for organized social connectedness? 

Then a Virtual Playgroup may be the place for you! 


What is the Virtual Playgroup? 

This event is a free, 30-minute virtual sensorimotor playgroup for children! The UVM-AC in conjunction with the Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences is hosting a weekly playgroup with activities meant to engage children socially and physically, while incorporating problem solving and sensory stimulation. Dr. Liliane Savard and Doctorate of Physical Therapy students will plan and lead the playgroups with careful consideration of the children's needs and abilities. 

What are the Virtual Playgroup Details?

Playgroup organizers will make groups that have similar schedule needs and that may be a good match based on age and interests. 

How do I register for the Virtual Playgroup?

A quick 5-minute registration is required. Information on the caregiver and child will be collected for planning and contact purposes. The information will remain secured in a UVM, password protected, form that only the playgroup organizers will be able to access. 

Register for the Virtual Playgroup here!

What will happen during the Virtual Playgroup? 

  • A link will be sent to you for a video session 
  • Videos and sound should be on
  • Welcome and Good-bye song 
  • Turn-taking activities
  • Visual-motor activities (such as searching for items of a certain color) 
  • Simultaneous games (such as follow-the leader and jumping games) 
  • Demonstrations, visuals, First/Then, All done cues, and scripts will be used as needed 

What will caregivers have to do for the Virtual Playgroup?

Caregivers will receive an email before each session with a list of planned activities and household supplies that may need to be gathered. During the session, caregivers will be asked to help with adjusting the camera, but activities will be tailored to the child so they will not need physical assistance. 

If you would like to be contacted with more information, click here: Contact Form