Think College

green bar Think College Vermont @ UVM is a small, innovative, inclusive, academic, social, and vocational program for students with disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, seeking a college experience and career path. Participants earn a 9-18-credit Certificate of Professional Studies for non-matriculated students designed to include:

  • Academic Enrichment: Enroll in UVM classes with peer mentor support
  • Socialization: Meet new people and participate in social & recreational activities
  • Independent Living & Self-Advocacy Skills: Improve daily living skills & increase independence and confidence
  • Work Experience & Career Skills: Explore careers, participate in a vocational internship, & establish a career path

Think College Vermont @ UVM incorporates student-centered planning, academic advising, and peer mentors for an inclusive, supportive college experience. Think College Vermont is a two-year, non-degree certificate program through the UVM Continuing Education Department and the UVM Center on Disability and Community Inclusion.