Who is eligible for I-Team EI services?

Children and teams requesting I-Team EI Project consultation will likely answer yes to all of the following statements. Teams are welcome to call the I-Team EI Project if they would like to further explore whether their child meets the eligibility criteria outlined below. 

  1. The child is currently between the ages of birth and 3 years old and has been referred to or is receiving services through Part C Early Intervention.
  2. The child has been identified as having or is suspected of having one of the following categories of diagnosis:

    a. Neurodevelopmental disabilities (e.g., Autism, Rett Syndrome)

    b. Genetic disorders significantly impacting overall development (e.g., Cornelia de Lange, DiGeorge Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Angelman’s Syndrome)

    c. Congenital disorders (e.g., Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum)

    d. Acquired neurological injuries (e.g., HIE, PVL, Cerebral Palsy, CMV, Meningitis, Non-accidental trauma)

    e. Disability resulting in combined vision and hearing loss (e.g., CHARGE, Usher Syndrome)

  3. The child has a complex profile of medical and/or developmental needs that significantly impacts participation in daily activities and routines.
 A child with a complex profile would likely be receiving or be eligible for at least weekly CIS services and have at least 2 CIS providers.
  4. The child could benefit from significant individualized supports to access and engage within their home and community environments. Individualized supports may include adaptive equipment, augmentative communication options, assistive technology, individualized instructional practices, and environmental modifications.
  5. The team would benefit from training, coaching, modeling and professional collaboration in order to best meet the needs of the child.

How do I request I-Team EI services? (Updated March 25, 2020)

The CIS Service Coordinator typically initiates the request for technical assistance. Please complete both the Referral and Parent Permission forms and return via UVM secure file transfer or contact Pamela Cummings to obtain a mailing address.

Pamela Cummings
Email: Pamela.Cummings@uvm.edu
Phone: (802) 343-9400

Please note: Children whose third birthday is within 90 days of transition to Early Childhood Special Education Services (formerly EEE/Preschool) should be referred to I-Team for 3-22 year-olds. Forms for this TA request can be found on the I-Team’s service request page.