We value the expertise, input, and time of every CAC member. Our goal is to support CAC members as best we can so that they can fully participate in meetings. This webpage helps everyone prepare for meetings.

Our Next Meeting is Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

Meeting Materials:

Helpful Resources


The CAC is very important to how CDCI supports Vermonters with disabilities. It is a big job, so the CAC has come up with rules that will help us accomplish our goals. The CAC Bylaws explain how we operate, our membership, and how we run our meetings.

Information About CDCI

CDCI has a lot of different goals and projects. We have created some resources to help explain what we do and how the CAC can help.

We Teach

Main contact

Winnie Looby

What is the goal?

We create opportunities for all people to learn about the lives and needs of people who experience disability. We do this through teaching and creating academic programming like classes, workshops, and course work, and by helping to connect experts in the community with other educators.

How can the CAC help?
  1. We need the CAC's help to find more ways people with disabilities can help create, teach, and participate in new programming.
  2. We want to update our Disabilities Certificate Program.
  3. We will ask the CAC if anyone would like to join a small group to accomplish this work.


We Study

Main contact:

Valerie Wood

What is the goal?

We support projects study what is working and what needs improvement in order to support individuals with disabilities and their families. We do this through helping to create surveys, examine information and data that has been collected, write reports about what we learned, and apply for grants to continue learning.

How can the CAC help?
  1. We want the CAC to pick out two studies that we can summarize and make into research briefs.
  2. We will ask the CAC to choose two projects at CDCI that you would like to learn more about through reading their annual report.


We Share

Main contact

Jeanne Nauheimer

What is the goal?

We share information in ways that people can access and understand. We do this through our updating our website, sharing news, stories, and events, and creating documents and other media for people of all abilities.

How can the CAC help?
  1. We need to find a simple way to share the things we're creating with the whole CAC so we can get feedback.
  2. We want to get feedback on two items we share this year.
  3. We want the CAC to pick out two studies that we can summarize and make into research briefs.

Upcoming Meetings

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Join meeting on Zoom
Meeting ID: 946 7209 8314 and Passcode: 202058
If using phone: 646-558-8656

Wednesday, November 2, 2020

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Pre-Meeting Checklist

CDCI will send out an agenda and materials at least two weeks before every CAC Meeting. Before meetings, CAC members can:

  1. Review the minutes from the last meeting.
  2. Read the new agenda.
  3. Decide if you want to meet with someone from CDCI to review the agenda or materials together. If you do, please email Jeanne Nauheimer.
  4. Look at any other items CDCI has sent with the agenda.
  5. Write down any questions or comments you have about the minutes, agenda, or materials. CDCI will try to ask for specific feedback, but we welcome any other comments or questions you have! If we can't discuss something in the meeting, we will find a time to share it.