RAP: Routines-Based Approach to Enhance Access and Participation for Children with Complex Needs


All children learn best when they feel safe and secure, both emotionally and physically.


Children with complex needs may gather information in different ways, which may make new routines challenging. Preparing children for what is to come will allow them to better access the intervention offered.


Children with complex needs often communicate in subtle ways. In order to feel heard, child’s communication attempts should be responded to with consistency.


Children with complex needs may have a lot of things done “to them” or “for them”. Instead, provide opportunities for the child to express preferences and interests.


All children learn best through play. Embedding play into daily routines allows children to learn within predictable and fun activities and experience repetition with variety.


Children with complex needs may demonstrate engagement in different ways. Observe the child’s current level of engagement in play activities and work toward enhancing engagement

  • Being Present
  • Having Presence
  • Actively Participating
  • Connecting
  • Contributing