CDCI is pleased to announce a competitive application process to support professional development
funding aligned with CDCI’s Five-Year Work Plan. For this funding cycle, one of our focuses is to embed Inclusive Excellence into every component of the work we do. To encourage this, CDCI will award professional development funds for opportunities supporting this important objective. We encourage you to review the Work Plan so that you can include the appropriate goal(s), objective(s), and activities pertaining to this funding opportunity as part of your application. Lastly, for those awarded funds, CDCI will be asking you to complete a follow-up survey to assess training-related outcomes.


Applicants who are UVM employees are eligible for funding. Independent contractors or those with a Supervisory Union contract are not eligible as they are not employed by UVM and do not have access to UVM benefits.

Please note: These funds are not to supplant professional development opportunities provided by UVM, or opportunities that can be supported by existing grants or contracts. Please review your professional development request with your relevant supervisor or project coordinator to ensure this has been considered prior to application submission. UVM offers several opportunities to support professional development, which should be reviewed prior to your application for CDCI funding.

UVM Professional Development and Funding Opportunities:

UVM Professional Development Website
CESS Research Website
Jean Garvin Fellowship Website
UVM Research Grant Program Website

Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence Leadership Institute Learning & Reflection Forums

The Leadership Institute at Georgetown University's National Center for Cultural Competence will be hosting a series of free web-based learning and reflection forums. Visit the Leadership Institute's website for dates and registration information.



Your completed application will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Leadership Team using the CDCI Professional Development Rubric (PDF). We encourage you to review the Professional Development Rubric (PDF) in addition to considering how well the requested PD aligns with one or more of the CDCI Work Plan components, supports CDCI project(s), and how you plan to implement and share learned outcomes.

The first review period for FY19 will occur in February. To be considered for approval in the same month, applications must be submitted via REDCap by the second Monday of the month. The Executive Director or Leadership Team Representative will notify you via e-mail within one week of the committee’s decision.


  • Review the application to see what information you need to provide.
  • Use the Budget Template (.xls) to draft your budget.
  • Make sure you have supervisor approval before applying.

Please note: REDCap does allow users to start, save, and continue applications at a later date if needed, but you must use the code generated by the application to resume your application. If you lose this code, you will have to restart your application. If you have questions about the application process, please email Darren McIntyre.

Professional Development Application