Welcome, CDCI Employees! 

What's New?

Welcome to CDCI's new Employee Resources website! You can now access current resources and information in an easier to navigate way. If you have any questions, please email Jeanne Nauheimer.

Professional Development funding available!

Interested in attending an event or participating in a course that benefits our mission of Inclusive Excellence? CDCI's Leadership Committee is offering opportunities for funding if your project cannot cover the costs of your professional development. Visit the Professional Development webpage for more information on what may be covered and how to apply.

Have you entered your NIRS data this month?

Although it may not be everyone's favorite activity, entering project data into NIRS is an important part of the work we do at CDCI! Save yourself a headache and enter frequently enter your data (we recommend monthly) so the process and your activities stay fresh in your head!

Visit the NIRS Information webpage for user guides and access to the database.