Early Mobility Project

The VT Early Mobility Project provides a means for families and teams to explore and have access to early mobility options with their very young children. The Early Mobility Project is a project of UVM’s Center on Disability and Community Inclusion with funding support from the Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP) through the University of Vermont Medical Center.

Our Vision

All children learn from being able to move and be included within their home, school, and community. Having a way to move by themselves increases a child’s visual skills, cognitive and sensory-motor development, social and play opportunities. Movement also gives children the ability to explore and learn by making choices for themselves. Very young children with complex physical and medical needs often have few options for independent movement. We believe that current research, information, and support should be available to all families and teams in VT who would like to explore mobility options for their young children.

Our Mission

The Early Mobility Project provides a means for families and teams to explore and have access to early mobility options with their very young children. Our mission is to identify and work with local teams to create an inventory of adapted mobility devices, customize them for the specific needs of young children with intensive needs, and make them available to children in all areas of Vermont.

Project Activities

  • Collaborate with families and local teams to identify, locate, and customize mobility devices for the specific needs of young children with limited options for independent movement.
  • Increase local capacity to support children with limited mobility through statewide, regional, and local training and consultation/technical assistance on early mobility topics, devices, and adaptations.
  • Provide on-going support for team decision-making, choosing and trialing early mobility equipment, and data collection to support funding and outcomes.
  • Remain current in best practices around providing early independent mobility devices and adaptations
    Collect and share resources in accessible formats for families, teams, and individuals who have identified early independent mobility as a priority goal for their young child or student.

Support Early Mobility

Instructions for donating: Donations can be made through the UVM Foundation. Using the link provided to complete your donation. Please write "Early Mobility" under gift instructions.

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