CAC Members outside of brick building with green ivy on a sunny day

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) helps us with setting our priorities, reviewing and giving feedback on what we do, advocating for people and groups the represent, and helping to make connections to the larger Vermont community.

The CAC does this by meeting four (4) times a year and coming to other CDCI meetings and events, like our summer retreat.

CDCI's Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) for Vermont's University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities fulfills the requirements of the Developmental Disabilities Act of 2000, which mandates every Center to establish a consumer advisory committee comprised of the following:

  • A member majority who are individuals with developmental disabilities and family members
  • A representative of the State Protection and Advocacy System and a representative of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • A representative of a self-advocacy organization
  • Representatives of other organizations, including the parent training and information centers, Assistive Technology, relevant state agencies, and other community groups concerned with the welfare of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families
  • A diverse population reflective of the state

Join the CAC

We are seeking new members to join our Community Advisory Council! If you would like to know more about becoming a member or would like help applying, please email CDCI.

If you would like to apply online, you can fill out our electronic CAC membership application.

CDCI is dedicated to building the cultural and linguistic competency of our staff and our work. We strongly encourage applications from persons of color, individuals with disabilities and family members, and those committed to cultural and linguistic competency.