We Support.

We help create a more inclusive community by providing local, regional, national, and international trainings, consultations, and other services and supports.

Areas of Emphasis

CDCI's work and projects focus on supporting the field of disability in Education and Early Intervention, Health, Employment, Assistive Technology, and Inclusive Excellence.

Technical Assistance

A lot of the work CDCI does is considered Technical Assistance. We provide consultation and resources for families and teams of professionals.

Related Projects and Partnerships

  • Supported Employment works with supported employment programs and high school transition programs throughout the state of Vermont.
  • I-Team provides technical assistance for teams, school districts, and families working with students intensive special education needs who range in age from 3 to 22.
  • I-Team Early Intervention supports infants and toddlers with complex needs in home, hospital, child care, preschool, and other community settings.
  • Children's Integrated Services: Early Intervention is the early intervention program for infants and toddlers birth to three who have developmental delays, or a medical/health condition that may lead to delays, and their families.
  • Assistive Technology Tryout Centers helps put assistive technology in hands of Vermonters who can benefit from its use. Our tryout centers offer equipment demonstrations and loans across the state.
  • BEST: Building Effective Strategies for Teaching Students increases and strengthens the capacity of Vermont schools and their communities to respond to emotional and behavioral challenges.
  • Continence offers current and accessible resources, information, and support to each individual, parent/caregiver, and team who have identified toilet-learning as a priority goal and life skill.
  • Early Mobility provides a means for families and teams to explore and have access to early mobility options with their very young children.

Supporting our Communities

CDCI is working to increase our capacity to support the needs of people with disabilities, their families, service providers, and community. We set new priorities every year based on the needs of our community, including our community advisory council and CDCI personnel. With these needs in mind, we provide accessible trainings and consultation for CDCI personnel to exapnd our abilities and integrate best practices into our work.

Related Projects and Partnerships

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Community Service Core Function Coordinator Darren McIntyre.