Children Early Intervention Program

Vermont Part C Early Intervention Program Affiliation: Children's Integrated Services-Early Intervention

Children's Integrated Services-Early Intervention (CIS-EI) is the early intervention program for infants and toddlers birth to three who have developmental delays, or a medical/health condition that may lead to delays, and their families.

About Us

CIS-EI is the Vermont name of Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) 2004 Early Intervention Program. Children’s Integrated Services (CIS) is Vermont’s unique model for integrating early intervention, nursing, family support, early childhood and family mental health, and specialized child care services for pregnant and postpartum women, infants and children birth to age six, their families and child development providers. The model is designed to improve child and family outcomes by providing family-centered, holistic, prevention, early intervention, and health promotion services; effective service coordination; and flexible funding to address gaps in services. Vermont Part C’s Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) provides the foundation for the CIS One Plan, which all five CIS services use. Children’s Integrated Services is housed in the Vermont Department for Children and Families, Child Development Division.

Eligibility Guidelines

CIS provides services for:

  • Infants and toddlers birth to three years old with an observable and measurable delay in one or more developmental areas (Cognitive; Physical, including vision & hearing; Communication; Social or Emotional; Adaptive) and their families
  • Infants and toddlers birth to three years old with a diagnosed medical/health condition that may result in a possible delay in development and their families
  • For those children who are eligible, they and their families are entitled to have an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)/One Plan that addresses their needs and desired supports.

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