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    "I like my school best because I have lots of friends and teachers that I love, a big playground, lots of space and a tree house, which is a nice cozy place to take a rest."

Curiosity. Joy. Empathy. Community.

We value these human qualities above all others and strive to create a school where they are lived and enacted.

We believe that young children are capable of caring deeply about all forms of life, and consequently, that it is our responsibility to nurture and promote children's relationships with the natural world.

These principles and beliefs are central to our efforts to transform the identity of the UVM Campus Children's School to that of a "green" school, a place where the built and natural environments are integrated and harmonious, where pedagogy embraces the wonder of all things living, and where every individual shares responsibility to for the well-being of Earth and all its inhabitants.

Caregiver with toddler

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