• Alex Hoffman
    • Mechanical Engineering Major
    • Class of 2016
    • Demarest, New Jersey

    "Burlington is super attractive because of the quality of life, the food and art scene, and the proximity to the lake and mountains for outdoor activities."

    Alex’s Mechanical Engineering experience has diverse applications. And he’s keeping his career options wide open, maybe hybrid-electric vehicle power-train systems, space or nuclear technology. He is also interested in Burlington’s artisanal food culture. His CEMS professors have inspired him to explore varied opportunities. “Dr. William Louisos has helped me make a ton of interdisciplinary connections through his insanely thought-provoking lectures. Yves Dubief highlighted the importance of Computer Science in engineering. Both started at the fundamental level explaining the underlying phenomena, then built upon the concepts until we could solve real-world problems. Neither coddled the students,” he says. Alex, assistant outreach coordinator for the UVM Society of Women Engineers student chapter, appreciates the friendliness of CEMS faculty and staff. His friendly advice for incoming CEMS students is this: “Don’t blow off the introductory classes, learn computer programming, be organized, talk to the professors. Ask questions and make friends in your major,” he says.


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