SCT focuses on attracting retirees from other industries and mature workers who are seeking a second career by designing support structures to transfer their skills to the 21st century challenges in transportation. TRC partnered with AARP-VT and Vermont Associates in Training and Development to advance this agenda. The project is advancing initiatives to bridge mature, displaced, and non-traditional workers, including veterans, into the transportation field and work with transportation employers to create age diverse and attractive employment environments. The SCT program is assessing the public and private sector workforce needs of the transportation industry in VT, NH and ME. The mission of the program is to provide mature workers with transportation career awareness, demonstrate how they can transfer their skills to professional and office support positions within the transportation sector, and offers specific career pathways, credentialing and training programs to make the transition from one field to another. Survey work by the Center for Rural Studies at UVM provided an overview of current and anticipated workforce needs for state, municipal and private sector transportation employers in Vermont, demonstrating that employment opportunities at the professional and skilled levels continue to be strong throughout communities around the state. A partnership between the Community High School of Vermont and Vermont Associates for Training and Development has created a multi-generational learning environment with creative opportunities for mentoring. The training and education approaches in the TSA are being adapted to create a diverse set of options from high school courses to post graduate certificates for individuals working to build a professional skill base for entry-level or next-step employment in the transportation field across northern New England. For more information, contact The TRC Outreach Manager Glenn McRae ( or 802-656-1317).