Four students in hard hats assemble a metal structure

General Education Requirements in Engineering

This link describes the general education requirements. 


Curriculum check sheets

Here you will find a PDF document of the curriculum for any major in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. You can print these check sheets and keep track of the courses you have taken and still need to take to stay on track to fulfill your major.


Substitution/waiver form

This form is a course substitution/waiver form. This waiver must be filled out by the student who wishes to substitute or waive one class for another during a certain semester. This form must be approved by the student’s primary advisor, program/department head and the Studies Committee.


Handbook for advising

The College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Office of Student Services, provides advising to all first-year engineering students. Students in math and computer science are advised from their respective departments. This handbook gives students within CEMS all the information they need to know regarding their major/minor, department, courses, advisors, advising help, course planning and much more.


Transfer into the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

The process for transferring into or pursuing a double degree in CEMS:


AP guide

This guide shows students what courses they will fulfill at the collegiate level based on the test score they received on their AP exam.


CLEP guide

Similar to the AP Credit Transfer information, the CLEP shows you what you need to score on an exam in a certain area of study in order to receive credit towards your degree and university-wide requirements.


Scheduling tool

This sheet helps you organize your course schedule using a block schedule based on the date and time.


Career links

These links include general and specific online job search sites.


Intent to graduate -- undergrads

This is a form to be filled out during the first semester of your final year at UVM. It asks for necessary information like your semester of graduation, year of graduation, diploma name, phonetic pronunciation, degree program, etc.


Intent to graduate -- grad students

This form is the same as the undergraduate form but for graduate students. Submit the form via e-mail to the Graduate College at with a CC: To your Advisor for electronic/regular signature and forwarding to the Graduate College. Deadlines are August 1 for October; November 1 for January; February 1 for May completions.


Making most of advising tips

Advising is a reciprocal relationship in which both the student and the advisor have responsibilities. Before any advising interaction, both the student and advisor should prepare for the session with specific questions and goals in mind. This guide indicates what the student, faculty advisor and student services advisor responsibilities are.


Dismissal Appeal



This form is for readmission to the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. If you were dismissed for low scholarship from the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and are seeking readmission, please complete the form below to start your readmission process. If you left the University for any other reason, please fill out the University’s Re-Entry Form.


Academic Standards

This guide outlines the minimum grade point average requirements and how and when your academic performance is reviewed.