2021 Engineering Design Night(s)

In late April and early May 2021, we celebrated the engineering profession and over 40 capstone designs developed by teams of Electrical, Biomedical, and Mechanical Engineering seniors. 

See below for the lists of presenting teams and watch videos of their work!

April 30

SEED Team Group 1: 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

View Recording of Group 1 Students and Projects

Project Name

Client Name

Student Names

02 - Race Car Suspension Design


Brandon M. Tillman, Trace K. Calvin, George Spearing, Jake M. Evans

11 - Magnetic Stimulation of Muscle Cells

University of Vermont

Aiyana Fortin, Abigail Teixeira, Brooke Bednarke, Carson Kurtz-Rossi, Jack Kaplun

12 - Multi-gas Drone-Integrated Sensor Package


Ben Page, Isabel Soule, Jieyu Yang, Sarah Griffin

14 - Smart Code Medication Delivery System

UVM - Larner College of Medicine

Conor Joyce, Jess Humphrey, Kevin Seeger, Madeleine McGill, Maddie Rielly, Nathan Gariepy

16 - Medication Vial cap redesign for Luer connection


Allison Carey, Evan Silva, Lianna Klinger, Raf Peralta, Sevda Beridze

28 - Next Gen Toothbrush

Healthy Design Ltd.

Alisa Schaefer, Grace Baraky, Joe DeGennaro, Liam Gelder

31 - New Material for Hypersonic Leading Edges


Avrey Carifa, Colin Hodge, Dan Jordan

35 - Video Game Therapy Device

Healthy Design Ltd.

William A. Bigglestone, Juneau C. Brennan, Harrison M. Davis

***Intermission 6:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.***

SEED Teams Group 2: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

View Recording of Group 2 Students and Projects

Project Name

Client Name

Student Names



Robert B. Hamann, Arianne M. Conde, Quinlan Files, William P. Dion

04 - VT Early Mobility Project: Wild Thing prototype


Jack Frederick, Jordan Shore, Kyla Stewart, Lindsey Roberts, Maxine Hebert, Moriah Pabo

05 - Lightweight Medium Machine Gun Ammo Handling System


August Munn Hochstetter, Alexander Voll, Ben Thornton, John Marjoribanks, Phil Rich

09 - WiFi Enhanced Electronic Scale Verification

University of Vermont

Cameron Duic, Connor Harrigan, Callan Kennedy, Elliott Gear, Mary Wilcox

20 - FSI Polaris Upper Bowl Retainer


Ben Michno, Jayson Felix, Preston Grippo, Thomas Buzzell

21  (Virtual)- High Voltage Device for RF Cellphone Applications


Brian Grace, Kyler White-Hansen, Melissa Abraham

01 - Anastomotic leak treatment and prevention

UVM - Larner College of Medicine

Jordan M. Appenzeller,  Will V. Sherry,  Isabelle B. Fisher, Emory K. Farrell

36 - Variable Reluctance Sensor Test Stand Upgrade

Parker LORD Corporation

Collin Fordham, Mezrah Masada, Peter Gebski, Shawn Cimonetti

May 5

SEED Teams Group 3: 5:00 - 6:00p.m.

View Recording of Group 3 Students and Projects

Project Name

Client Name

Student Names

06 - UAV and Lora Network Based Lake Champlain Water Quality Sensing and Mapping

University of Vermont

Alex Warner, Connor Aitchison, Greer Scambos, Sadie Kass

10 - Auto-Tester for Wheeled Outdoor Power Equipment

DR Power Equipment

Bryce Henson, Ryan Graham, Seth Hoenes, Seth Rhodes, Aaron Rucker

13 - Bernoulli Heart Valve

Univeristy of Vermont Medical Center

Cameron Henry, Isabella Barbera, Stephen Paige, Suzy Ellis, Vish Vijayakumar

18 - CET System Upgrade 2020

Bowles Corp

DJ Snide, Hunter Duquette, Jiaqi Wan, Mason Martell

19 - Wafer Cassette Loader for the Stand Alone Etch Tools


Charlie Larsen, Graham George, Nathan Reznik, Steven Garcia

23 - Ambient Molecular Contamination Monitoring System


Brook Rubell, Jakob Banks, Melanie Constantino, Skylar Langford

33 - Flow Optimization of a Novel Abrasive Jet Cutter


Dylan Weaver, Eli Weitzman, Evan Spaulding, Logan Larose

34 - Miniaturized Propulsion System Service Valve

Benchmark Space Systems

Brandon Lachapelle, Dylan Karanik, Monty Cunningham

***Intermission 6:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. ***

SEED Teams Group 4: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

View Recording of Group 4 Students and Projects

Project Name

Client Name

Student Names

22 - RX90 Robot Transfer Tool


Luc Gordon, Matt Bellmund, Nick Bedi, Raphael Quenneville

07 - Mobile Home Water Pipe  Heating Solution

Town of Hartford

Cooper Bolduc, Cory Dalsimer, Liv Patullo, Ryan Shumway

15 - Instrumented Knee Brace


Cole Garabed, Curtis Ianni, James Doherty, Nicole Donahue, Tori Weissman

17 - Shipping Container Mobility System

BETA Technologies

Dan Reid, Eric Dippelhofer, Owein LaBarr, Ross Elkort, Tom Chivers, Tim Ramsay

24 - Remote Controlled Clutch and Decelerator for Cellular Shade

SecurShade Inc.

Ayden Henson, Aidan Trombley, Donnie Seib, Jessica Zwolen

25 - TEC-Based Thermal Management System for a Laser Bank Module

89 North

George Knocke, Josh Girard, Mac Clark, Thomas Sheeleigh

26 - Wireless Transmission of Machine Health Monitoring Data  and Machine Learning Integration

Hayward Tyler

Jaen Carrodine, Jena Staab, Robby Peniowich, Zachary Acosta

29 (Virtual) - Tensile Test Capability of ICP Torch


Ian Ballou, Maxon Quas, Randall Storm, Sydney Clark