Spring 2022 Syllabi for Physics and Astronomy
CourseInstructorCourse Title and Syllabus link
ASTR 005John PerryExploring the Cosmos (PDF)
ASTR 023John PerryAstronomy Lab I: Measuring the Sky (PDF)
ASTR 177John PerrySpacecraft Astronomy (PDF)
PHYS 009Malcolm SandersEnergy and the Environment (PDF)
PHYS 012ALuke DonforthElementary Physics (PDF)
PHYS 012BJason PepeElementary Physics (PDF)
PHYS 013Jason PepeConceptual Physics (PDF)
PHYS 022Luke DonforthIntroductory Lab II (PDF)
PHYS 030Luke DonforthPhysics Problem Solving I (PDF)
PHYS 031Luke DonforthPhysics for Engineers (PDF)
PHYS 031CMalcolm SandersPhysics for Engineers I (PDF)
PHYS 152Dennis CloughertyFundamentals of Physics II (PDF)
PHYS 211Malcolm SandersMechanics (PDF)
PHYS 264Valeri KotovNuclear and Elementary Particle Physics (PDF)
PHYS 265Randall HeadrickThermal Physics (PDF)
PHYS 333Juan VanegasBiological Physics (PDF)
PHYS 362Valeri KotovQuantum Mechanics II (PDF)