Article by Isaiah Keepin, senior developer at Bluehouse Group

I recently served as a judge at the University of Vermont Computer Science Fair for the second time. If you’ve never attended this event, I recommend it - it’s a fascinating look into ideas spawned by the next generation of computer scientists. And if you’re a professional in the field, I especially recommend volunteering as a judge. Working with other judges is a great way to make connections with fellow technologists in our community. I connected in particular with Josh Dickerson from - it was a pleasure to talk shop as we checked out the exhibits.

The fair took place in the Grand Maple Ballroom in UVM’s Davis Center, which is an inspiring place in its own right with beautiful views. Dozens of tables were arranged in long rows, each with a student or small team offering their project on display. The projects ran the gamut in terms of completion, ranging from painstaking labors of love to mere concepts just getting off the ground. The subject areas varied widely as well - from heady deep-dives into computational theory to attractive marketing websites built for real local businesses. Overall, it offered a good snapshot into the great diversity of ideas that “computer science” can represent.

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Isaiah Keepin