The Phi Beta Kappa honoree is on a fulfilling academic journey.

Phi Beta Kappa is considered the nation’s most prestigious honor society—only 10 percent of colleges shelter a chapter, and only 10 percent of students at those colleges receive the key representing the Greek phrase “Love of wisdom is the guide of life.” At UVM, the membership (now totaling less than 4500 students since 1846) becomes even more rare for CEMS students, as the majority of invitations typically go to traditional liberal arts majors.

This helps explain how Haley Warren ’20 reacted when she opened an email from the UVM Phi Beta Kappa chapter with some news. “At first I thought it was a mistake—I wasn’t sure how I would have gotten in as an engineering major,” she says. “It doesn’t feel entirely real.”

Warren’s studies focus on biomechanics and wearable robotics, inspired in part by her personal experience with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which weakens her joints and connective tissue. She’s been improving her own braces since she was 7 years old, learning how to dance fluidly with the right devices, and has brought her research skills not only to UVM but also to Rutgers and MIT. Love of wisdom—and not just knowledge—has guided her academic journey.

“It’s not just about learning, but also learning through experience,” says Warren, who plans to pursue a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering after graduation. “And it’s not just about questions, but understanding which questions to ask.”

Previously honored CEMS Phi Beta Kappa members, 1948 to 2019


UNDERGRAD DEGREE (includes some double majors)

 Rebecca Caroline Osborn

2019 BSME Mechanical Engineering

 Colby J. Nadeau

2015 BSM Statistics and Mathematics

 Flora Kathleen Su

2015 BSEV Engr - Environmental

 Katherine Selby King

2014 BSM Statistics and Mathematics

 Stephen Alaster Thompson

2014 BSM Mathematics

 Benjamin Michael Rouleau

2014 BSCE Civil Engineering

 Nathan Lee Powers

2013 BSEE Electrical Engineering

 Anthony Eugene Lauzon

2012 BSEE Electrical Engineering

 Ashley Butler McKhann

2011 BSM Mathematics

 Anastasia Krymkowski

2010 BSM Mathematics

 Robert Emerson Taylor Rohr

2009 BSCS Computer Science

 Laura Burbank Balzer

2008 BSM Mathematics

 Abby G. Frazier

2008 BSM Mathematics

 Greggory Paul Carpenter

2008 BSEE Electrical Engineering

 Alaina Skye Dickason  Roberts

2007 BSCE Civil Engineering

Dr. Eitan Adam Pechenick

2006 BSM Mathematics

 Christina Rose Strong

2006 BSCS Computer Science

 Sarah E. Thyng

2004 BSCE Civil Engineering

 Abigail Lynn Beck

2003 BSCE Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Joshua Eli Steinhurst

1999 BSCS Computer Science

 Sarah Phinney Meier

1995 BSM Mathematics

 Patrick Alexander Tullmann

1995 BSCS Computer Science

 Robert S. Gray

1993 BSCS Computer Science

Dr. Debra Susan Carney

1991 BSM Mathematics

 Karen Moseson Phillips

1991 BSM Mathematics

 Jonathan Charles Stavros

1991 BSM Mathematics

 Beth Tropp Thompson

1991 BSM Mathematics

 Deborah Fallon Lafreniere

1988 BS Mathematics

 Beth Marie Quimby

1988 BS Mathematics

 Lois Dickinson Foltan

1988 BS Computer Science

 Celeste Margaret Catanese

1987 BS Mathematics

 Holly Kingsbury Burns

1987 BS Computer Science

 Gerald Patrick Cleary, Jr.

1986 BS Mathematics

Dr. Matthew David Gallagher

1986 BS Engineering Physics

 James Peter Louderback

1983 BS Mathematics

Julia Frances Ragland, M.D.

1983 BS Mathematics

 Peter George Roberts

1983 BS Computer Science

 William Russell Schmitt

1982 BS Mathematics

 Mark Christopher Harris

1981 BS Mathematics

 Janet Lyman

1981 BS Mathematics

 Robert Alan Driscoll

1980 BS Statistics

 Bennett Eugene Law

1980 BS Mathematics

 Patricia Kehr Farrah

1977 BS Mathematics

Dr. Mona Trempe Norcum

1976 BS Engineering Chemistry

 Robert Maurice Houle

1976 BS Electrical Engineering

 Wilson R. Jackson

1975 BS Mathematics

 Michael G. Morse

1975 BS Engineering Chemistry

George Stephen Peredy, M.D.

1973 BS Mathematics and German

 Barbara Allen Mullan

1973 BS Engineering Chemistry

 Christopher N. Blair

1972 BS Mechanical Engineering

William Dana Flanders, III, M.D.

1972 BS Mathematics

 Carol Webster Blair

1972 BS Civil Engineering

 Wilma Gosliga Breiland

1969 BS Mathematics

Dr. Clifton W. Price, Jr.

1967 BS Mathematics

 John E. Desautels

1963 BS Mathematics

 Stanley Joseph Zielinski

1963 BS Mathematics

 Morris A. Hicks

1962 BS Mathematics

 Virginia Low Coolidge

1960 BS Mathematics

 Anne Lee Knopf White

1958 BS Mfg & Mgt Engineering

 Donald M. Crofut

1954 BS Mfg & Mgt Engineering

 Robert Perkins

1950 BS Electrical Engineering

 Louis Joseph Lauler

1949 BS Electrical Engineering

 John Wilbur Carter

1948 BS Mechanical Engineering


Sarah Tuff Dunn