Bijay K-C received UVM’s Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year award in the laboratory instruction category. Since joining UVM in the fall of 2017, Bijay has been a teaching assistant for three different CEE courses with intensive labs that require a thorough understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of the subjects, excellent organizational skills, and ability to plan. In all cases his student evaluations have been outstanding and faculty members look forward to working with him and praise his teaching abilities. Originally from Nepal, Bijay came to UVM to work with Prof. Ehsan Ghazanfari for his doctoral studies that seek to understand the thermal-hydrological-mechanical-chemical processes’ impact on the production of the geothermal fields. He uses experiments and data analytics to understand the reservoir processes that impact the energy production. His research has already resulted in papers in the Journal of Geothermics and Journal of Geophysics.


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