Friday, Sept 8, 2017

CS Graduate Research Day, Friday, Sept 8, 2017

Location: Old Mill 325 (John Dewey Lounge)

 8:30 Healthy Start Continental Breakfast available (bagels, cream cheese, yogurt, granola)

9:00 Introductory remarks (Dean, Department Chair)

 9:15 - 10:15 Invited speaker: Richard Granger (

title: “Principles of brain circuit design, from percept to concept”

 10:15-10:25 Break

 10:25-10:55 Graduate faculty and students who aren’t giving a talk give brief intro to themselves

 10:55-12:10 3 presentations (20 mins each; last one is 10 min)

  • Ali Javed: A Hybrid Approach to Semantic Hashtag Clustering in Social Media
  • Zahra Mahoor: Natural Language Learning in Robots by Human Feedback
  • Larry Clarfeld: Power Network Clustering and Equivalencing
  • Jason Kost: High Performance Computing for Genomics and Bioinformatics

 12:10-12:40 lunch 

 12:40-2:05 4 presentations (20 mins each)

  • Kevin Andrew: Reinforcement Learning with the SARSA Algorithm: Applications in Social Ecological Systems
  • Collin Cappelle:  Modularity in Evolutionary Robotics
  • Roman Popov: The function of beta event-related desynchronization in the human brain
  • David Dewhurst, Colin Van Oort and John Ring: Toward a complete description of the National Market System

 2:05-2:15 break

 2:15-:25 (20 mins each, except last is only 5 mins)

  • Sam Kriegman: How development can guide evolution
  • Viktoria Manukyan: Machine Learning Approach for Connectional Silence Analysis in Palliative Care Consultations
  • John Hanley:  A Tandem Evolutionary Algorithm for Identifying Optimal Association Rules from Complex Data
  • Douglas Denu: Identifying Important Features from a Survey Dataset Using a Newly Developed Evolutionary Method

 3:25-3:30 break

 3:30-4:00 Invited speaker to graduate students r.e. working in academia