Team Builds the First Living Robots

Tiny 'xenobots' assembled from cells promise advances from drug delivery to toxic waste clean-up
Computer-designed organisms. Left is simulated design, right is deployed physical green and red organism.

A book is made of wood. But it is not a tree. The dead cells have been repurposed to serve another need.

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Lisa Dion Inspires Learning and Girls Who Code

Computer Science Lecturer Lisa Dion has been inspiring the entire CEMS community through her work for years, and has been recognized by the Central Vermont Chamber as a finalist for the Senior Leadership ATHENA Award.

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UVM Google team

University of Vermont Complex Systems Center to Advance Open Source Research with Support from Google

The Google Open Source Programs Office, a division of Google that manages Google’s use and release of open source software and promotes open source programming, has provided the University of Vermont (UVM) Complex Systems Center a $1 million unrestricted gift to support open source research.

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