Rosebush First Winner of UVM’s New Faculty Advising Award

Joan Rosebush

Joan “Rosi” Rosebush, senior lecturer and director of student success in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, is the inaugural winner of the University of Vermont’s new Outstanding Faculty Advising Award.  

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professor and two students

First Year Engineering Seminar

An armadillo-shaped jewelry box. A doorstop disguised at a stretching cat. A set of custom guitar picks.

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A collage with a closeup of the moon, and students stand in a wind tunnel

Engineering Students Work With NASA to Develop New Lunar Rover Wheel Technology

Does NASA really need to reinvent the wheel? When it comes to navigating the moon’s surface, yes. It turns out that UVM is assisting the effort with cutting edge research from students who’ve been specially selected as participants in the highly competitive eXploration Systems and Habitation (X-Hab) 2018 Academic Innovation Challenge.

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