Your Guide to Networking

Networking is an essential part of professional development and growth. It can help you gain industry knowledge, deepen your understanding of what positions you are interested in, and gain connections with professionals that could be used to get future internships or jobs.

Ways to Network Include:

  1. UVM ConnectConnect with CEMS alums working all over the country to ask for job shadowing, advice, or to share industry expertise. Once in UVM Connect, please join the “Science Technology, Engineering & Math Group” to get connect with CEMS alum and students.
  2. LinkedIn - Alumni Insights ToolSearch through 75,000+ UVM alums on this platform by industry, region, and keyword. If you are just getting started on LinkedIn, joining UVM groups on LinkedIn will help you to grow your UVM network.
  3. Informational Interviewing: An informational interview is a structured process of networking where you reach out to professionals to learn about career field and gain insights into your job search. You identify people in fields of interest, ask if they’d be willing to talk or meet with you, and arrange a time in which you interview them about their career. You should develop and ask most of the questions. For a how to network guide: DOWNLOAD HERE
  4. Attend CEMS Events: Many employers will be invited to campus to table, speak on panels, and attend career fairs. Come to these events and introduce yourself to the employers before and/or after the programs! Find the calendar HERE.

For an in-depth description on how to network, head to Your Guide to Networking.

Professional Organizations

Look into joining a professional organization in the field of your interest! It is an excellent way to meet professionals in the industry, learn about career advancement opportunities, and find out about conferences. Additionally, the cost is lower or free when you are a student!