Engineering lab

Working on practical, real-life projects is a standard and important part of our program. Students have a variety of opportunities to pursue research, design and development projects, working with industry as well as with engineering faculty.

Examples of recent student projects include the development of a simulated lunar rover that competed in NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race, the design of a laser-based scale used for weighing meat, and the development of instrumentation for ergonomic assessment used in back research. Many projects put students in direct contact with industry. Of particular note is our Design Clinic, which offers industry-sponsored two-semester capstone design projects with intensive industry involvement for all senior mechanical engineering students.

Opportunities for study abroad are encouraged for UVM engineering students. A recent student spent a summer at the Munich University of Technology redesigning a snowboard binding for his senior project. Another student spent eight months in Australia working as a project engineer for Kimberly-Clarke through the Cooperative Education program. Open to all engineering students, UVM's co-op program offers career-related work experience while still in school.

All of our recent graduates seeking jobs in the industry have found positions or gone on to graduate school at UVM or other prestigious research universities, including MIT and Stanford. IBM, Chrysler, NASA, General Dynamics, General Electric, Monsanto, Ford Motor Co. and Mariner Petrochemical are among the many nationally recognized companies employing our graduates. Many students go on to start their own businesses, such as Microstrain, a high-tech company that manufactures instruments for medical researchers and physicians, or BioTek Instruments, which designs and produces microscale biological analysis instruments.

Career Services

Students find excellent assistance preparing for job searches through faculty advising, CEMS Career Services and an active worldwide network of UVM alumni.