Assistant Professor

My research is in number theory and arithmetic geometry, with an emphasis on applications to cryptography. I also work in computational number theory and am a contributor to the LMFDB and to SageMath. In my practice as a teacher, my focus is on noncoercive teaching techniques and universal design. I want my classroom to be a human, joyful space, in which all students feel welcome and cared for. Finally, I believe that the joy of mathematics is a human right, and my professional mission is to create spaces that are joyful and comfortable for all mathematicians but center people who have been historically excluded from mathematics.

Christelle Vincent

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, and Mathematical Cryptography


  • Ph.D Mathematics, University of Wisconsin – Madison


  • (802) 656-4353
Office Location:

Innovation Hall E445

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