Matthew Brand

Matthew Brand of Wykoff, N.J., College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences and Honors College Graduate in Electrical Engineering

The University of Vermont Honors College offers talented and committed students the intellectual opportunity of a lifetime.

A residential college enrolling some of the most capable students from the full spectrum of academic programs at the University of Vermont, the Honors College provides students a rigorous, multi-disciplinary academic challenge that complements and enriches the entire undergraduate experience.

Your current CEMS Honors College representatives are Professors Christian Skalka ( and Rachael Oldinski ( Please do not hesitate to send them an email for more information.


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Emily Miller, Mechanical Engineers (concentration in Biomedical) of Mansfield, MA

 Emily Miller

After UVM: Miller has accepted a position as an equipment engineer at Global Foundries in Saratoga, N.Y. The company is the second largest chip manufacturer in the world.

Favorite Professor: Rachael Oldinski, with whom Miller conducted research on regenerative medicine, seeking ways of engineering osteochondral tissue for the benefit of those suffering from joint diseases like arthritis. “Over the past three years, I’ve really gotten close to her, and she’s a great mentor for a female engineer.”

Matt Brand, Electrical Engineer of Wykoff, NJ

 Matthew Brand

After UVM: Brand will be researching bridge failure with support from a highly competitive National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship as a master’s student at UVM. Before his program starts in the fall, though, he’ll travel to Haiti for a month this summer to teach masonry students there how to build a structure he’s helped design and build that better withstands earthquakes. Brand’s been working on the project for two years with Thomas Tailor, former director of the Governor’s Institute of Vermont’s Engineering Institute. While typical concrete structures are reinforced with steel rebar, which is susceptible to breaking during seismic activity, their dome-shaped design is reinforced with used carpet. This diverts a commonly discarded material from the landfill and, thanks to its flexible yet strong design, is more likely to keep a structure intact.

Favorite Professor: “Professor Arne Bomblies, a hydrology professor,” Brand says. “I’ve had four classes with him. I’ve had some great conversations talking with him about his career path and how I would envision my career path, as well. And honestly, he’s the best teacher I’ve ever had. He really puts a lot of work into his students. It must be really difficult to juggle teaching, research, writing, grants — I got a taste of what grant writing is, and it’s terrible! It’s really, really hard! — so I do really appreciate all the time he’s taken with me, and he does that with every student. I’m not special with him. He’ll do that with anyone who wants it; he will take the time. And the best part about his classes is I feel so prepared, hydrologically speaking.”

CEMS Honors College Representatives


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