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Get ready to change the world.

A CEMS Graduate education gives you depth and breadth of knowledge, along with the skills you'll need for every challenge and opportunity that awaits. Below are general objectives for CEMS graduate programs. Individual programs may modify these objectives or add to them.




All M.S. and Ph.D. Programs

Outcome 1: Have in-depth understanding of the foundational concepts in the field of study.

Outcome 2: Be skilled at communicating technical results in both oral and written form.


M.S. Thesis / Project and Ph.D. Programs

Outcome 3: Have a comprehensive knowledge of the literature relevant to the research or project topic.

Outcome 4: Have a detailed knowledge of the research methodologies relevant to the research or project topic. 


Ph.D. Programs Only

Outcome 5: Have advanced-level breadth in areas complementary to major field of study. 

Outcome 6: Be able to independently design and conduct research projects.