Frequently Asked Questions

What internships will I get if I decide to come to UVM?

CEMS students complete a variety of experiential learning experiences during their undergraduate experiences and have support from the CEMS Career Readiness Program and the central Career Center to find great opportunities. Here are some testimonials of students at their internship sites.

How many students find internships?

91% of UVM Undergraduates participate in experiential learning during their time at UVM, which we enthusiastically support in CEMS and across UVM.

What are experiential learning opportunities?

Experiential learning experiences include internships, research experiences for undergraduates, co-ops, and volunteer engagement opportunities. UVM also offers students a lot of support to plan study abroad experiences and we have an Academic Advisor on our CEMS Student Services team who specializes in supporting CEMS students throughout their study aboard experience.

Will someone help me with my internship and job search?

Yes! You can work with the CEMS Career Readiness Program and with the Career Center to find opportunities and strengthen your application materials like your resume and cover letter. We also help with interview preparation and how to manage the internship and job search process.

What support does the CEMS Career Readiness Program and Career Center offer?

  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Job and internship search strategies and resources
  • Mock interviews & interview prep
  • Company and salary research
  • Negotiation coaching

Where have graduates gone on to work?

We are so proud of our UVM grads and all they contribute to their communities following graduation. See page 2 for specific employers in each CEMS discipline.

Can I choose to do a co-op as a CEMS student?

Yes, you can choose to pursue a co-op as a CEMS student if you’d like to! Co-ops are educational programs where student alternates periods of academic study with full-time employment in positions related to their academic and career interests. During their co-op experience, CEMS students apply knowledge gained in the classroom to practical work situations, and gain additional knowledge and skills that will enhance future coursework and career preparation. All co-op positions are paid though salaries at the company hosting the co-op student and students maintain student status at UVM during their co-ops.