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Why EE @ UVM

Hands-on: we pride ourselves on giving our students a significant amount of laboratory and design experience. We have 6 fantastic teaching laboratories for you to use and have design projects starting your first year.

Flexible: our EE curriculum allows you to explore specialties within EE with our flexible advisor-approved technical electives. It suits all students whether interested in entrepreneurial pursuits or rigorous theory.

High-level interaction: being in a small program provides you with a high level of interaction with faculty, staff, and student groups: we get to know you well. Want to build leadership skills in our student groups or get paid to perform research with faculty? Your choice.

Embedded within a liberal arts university: being a EE in a liberal arts university makes you a well-rounded and grounded engineer. Visit our Student Groups.

Recognition that belies our size: Despite being a small program, our students and faculty bring national recognition for their efforts. For example, our students garner national and international recognition from the SAE/IEEE Formula Hybrid International Competition and funding agencies such as NSF, NASA, and ARPA-E.

Electrical engineering industry

Career Opportunities

For the past decade, demand for electrical engineering graduates has remained strong. Alteris Renewables, Apple, AT&T, General Dynamics, UTC, IBM, Intel Corp., Microstrain, and Raytheon are among the plethora of small and large, local and international companies employing UVM EE alumni. There is tremendous variety in the positions these graduates fill - from aerospace and electronic systems design to the application of fiber optic technology, from work with robotics and image processing to computer systems consulting, advanced memory circuit and wireless sensor design. Students also pursue careers in medicine, law, and business, as well as perform research to advance the state of knowledge in the electrical engineering field. In short, an EE degree from UVM provides you with the breadth and depth of technical skill to allow a wide range of pursuits upon graduation.