Dr.Laurent Hébert-Dufresne to explore the effects of climate change on diseases

LHD teaching at board

University of Vermont researchers will play a leadership role in a project designed to predict where populations of plants and animals in New England will move as their current locations become less hospitable in a warming world. Data generated by the project will help New England farmers and rural communities plan and adapt to the range shifts.

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UVM's CatCoders Connect Data with Context

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the need for comprehensive data and up-to-date statistics is clear. Jason Bates, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering and in the Department of Medicine, facilitated a project involving a student coder and a team working to model the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Vermont.

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Laurent Hebert-Dufresne

Why School Closures Help

Sadly, it’s “a very busy time” to be a mathematical epidemiologist, says Laurent Hébert-Dufresne —professor of computer science at UVM and, yes, an expert on the mathematical modeling of epidemics. 

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