A female student at work in the computer lab

The College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) encourages all students to use a laptop to support their studies.

For assistance with UVM-related account or software issues, visit the Help & Support page.


We use UVM netIDs for Student accounts, but you must qualify by either being enrolled in CEMS or be taking a CEMS course for which the professor deems that computer use is required for the course. Passwords can be obtained or changed by Network ID & Account Management.

Computer Recommendations

The personal computer is an essential tool for learning and professional work in the programs at the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS). As a CEMS student, you must master computing technologies and use them throughout the curriculum. 

CEMS will have a laptop requirement for Fall of 2020. The exact specifications of the required laptop and other information will be available by May 1, 2020. PLEASE NOTE: Do not purchase a computer until May 1, 2020, when the specifications will be posted here.

All CEMS Students: Minimum and Optional Software

Minimum Software

We recommend students install Microsoft Office 365 (free for students) and Adobe Acrobat Reader (also free) on their computers.

Optional Software

The Optional Software category is software that students may wish to purchase depending on their chosen major and software cost. For example, AutoCAD is very useful to Mechanical Engineering students, but may not be needed for a Computer Science major (depending on the series of classes you take).

We suggest that you do not purchase the Optional Software initially, but wait until you are sure you need it (software cannot be returned).

Name Price
Mathematica Site License*
MS Visual Studio Free
MATLAB Free for students
AutoCAD Free for students
SolidWorks Site License**

* Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) has purchased a site license for Mathematica it is available for download at ETS.

** CEMS has purchased a site license for SolidWorks and is available for download via help@cems.uvm.edu