Building the Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shells

"Hypar was built at the suggestion of Burdett "Bud" Stearns Ph.D. early in our study of hyperbolic paraboloid shells during his spring semester CE 176 Advanced Structures Design course. The structure was built in one semester by CE 176 students."
James Durochia '68


Gutterson Field

CE students from left to right: Top row: Morris Root, Mike Roberts, Bill Arnold (head only & designer), Peter McGarry, Roger Masson, Paul Aldinger.
Bottom row: Dick Wardwell, Doug Krebs & Wilson “Skip” Alford

CE students from left to right: Ralph Clark,  unidentified, Jean Guy Beliveau, Peter McGarry, Hugh “Sandy” McLeod, Roger Masson, Morris Root, Brian Dyer (kneeling), Paul Aldinger, Doug Krebs, Bill Arnold, Dick Trudell, Eric Hamilton, Richard “Dillo” Miller, James Fontanello, Dick Wardwell & Mike Roberts
CE students from left to right: Jean Guy Beliveau, Mike Roberts, Dick Trudell, Paul Aldinger, David Cobb, Roger Masson, Eric Hamilton & Dick Powers
CE students from left to right: Bottom – Richard “Dillo” Miller, Roger Masson, Eric Hamilton & unidentified. Top – Dick Trudell, Ralph Clark & Mike Roberts