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CEMS TEACH offers a number of different resources for educators to enrich their practice and engage with students. 

CEMS Teaching Recommendations

CEMS Teaching Recommendations

UVM Center for Teaching and Learning upcoming workshops and resources for Fall 2021 teaching.

Syllabi Templates and Examples

Got Syllabi?

  • Download a copy of the latest UVM Syllabus Template and Course Schedule here
  • A modified CEMS Syllabus Template, including recommended sections and information for CEMS instructors can be found here
  • Example syllabi for CEMS 050 and CE 172 can be found here.
  • If you are teaching an Independent Study Course, please follow these guidelines.

(Updated 8/16/21) 


Teaching and Learning Platforms

Faculty are encouraged to use only UVM-approved technologies, particularly for teaching, research, and any instance in which student work or data may be transmitted.  Approved platforms, free to students and instructors:

  • Blackboard (primary learning management system)
  • MS Teams (primary video conferencing tool)
  • Yellodig (alternative discussion board tool)
  • Flipgrid (video discussion tool)
  • Perusall (reading annotation tool)
  • Screencast-o-matic (screencasting tool)
  • TopHat (Active learning platform; License available for CEMS instructors only)
  • Gradescope (Grading platform; License available for CEMS instructors only)

Addition information on UVM-approved technologies can be found on the Center for Teaching and Learning website and the ETS Knowledgebase.

(Last Update: 5/11/2022)


Classroom Information

CEMS Active Learning Classrooms and Teaching Labs

  • Active Learning Classrooms: Innovation E204, Innovation E210. Contact Courtney Giles for scheduling and questions
  • Teaching Labs: Votey 101, Votey 127, Votey 120, Votey 114, Votey 225, Votey 242, Votey 246, Votey 330, Votey 332, Votey 334. Contact your department chair for scheduling and questions.

UVM General Purpose Classrooms

(Last Update: 5/11/2022)

CEMS PODS - Pop-Up Remote Teaching Stations

Fall 2020 CEMS Teaching Pod locations: Votey 107, Votey 223, Votey 229, Votey 312, Votey 326.

  • Hardware: Logitech Meetup (Instructor camera/microphone), Wacom One (for hand-writing notes in both OneNote and MS Whiteboard), Document Camera (for hand-writing notes on paper and projecting/sharing in MS Teams meeting), docking station for instructor laptop.
  • Compatible devices: Instructor laptop. iPads and some tablets will not dock. 
  • Recommended Software: MS Teams, MS Whiteboard App, OneNote, Screencast-o-matic
  • Please clean/sanitize the stations thoroughly before and after each use with provided cleaning supplies.

To schedule a CEMS Teaching Pod, please contact your department administrator with the following information: Course CRN, Course number, Class meeting pattern

(Last Update: 8/17/20)