UVM's Our Common Ground principles apply to student conduct online as well as in-person. Please keep in mind the following main points of policy for online conduct in your role as a UVM student:

  • Please treat online communications, including social media, with the same respect you would a public park. It is a shared community resource – a place to share knowledge, ideas and concerns through positive discourse that seeks to advance the community.
  • All CEMS classes have standard communication channels established by the instructor- typically including private emails between the student and instructor and/or teaching assistants, and perhaps also including message boards or mailing lists established by the instructor. Students should use these communication channels, and in particular should not send emails to groups of faculty, students, or otherwise when these groups are not included in standard communication channels for the class.
  • In person we can see body language and hear vocal intonations that we can't online. Please be aware of this difference in communication cues to avoid misunderstandings.
  • The use of social media for airing complaints about a class, instructors, or other students, and any form of cyberbullying, is not respectful online conduct and in violation of Our Common Ground principles.