FAQ - CATcard Operations around COVID-19

Do I need a CATcard while working remotely?

You should not have a need for the CATcard while working remotely.  If you are a new employee we can print a card for you when our office re-opens for in person transactions.        

Can you mail me a CATcard?

No.  CATcards are never mailed for security purposes.

I am a student who will be taking summer courses.  How do I get a CATcard?

All summer classes have been moved to the remote learning environment.  Summer students normally aquire a CATcard for library privileges and to load funds on the card to buy meals while on campus.  You will be able to access the UVM Libraries online resources using your netid and password.  A CATcard is not required.  Once the CATcard office re-opens for in person transactions, you may come to get a card printed if you are still actively taking a class.           

I am a new first year student beginning in Fall 2020.  How will I get my CATcard?

We are busy working on a plan to get our new fall semester students their CATcards.  We will communicate with you soon!  In the meantime, check out the WEBcard information under the Menu button from our homepage for instructions on uploading your CATcard photo.  Uploading a photo to be used on your CATcard is a MANDATORY requirement.      

I lost my CATcard.  How can I get it replaced?

We will replace lost cards once our office re-opens for in person transactions.  The cost is $25.  If you are an iPhone user you may add your card to the Apple wallet and use your phone for building access and on campus monetary transactions (see instructions under the Menu button on our homepage).  A mobile option for Android is coming soon.  If you are an "essential" employee please reach out to us at 802-656-4509 or catcard@uvm.edu and we will figure out a solution.  

I can't access my building with my CATcard.  What should I do?    

If you are an "essential" employee and previously had access to your building/office and it has stopped working, reach out to us at 802-656-4509 or catcard@uvm.edu and we will troubleshoot the issue with you.