View from Ira Allen Chapel

What is Vermont? Researchers study the state's characteristics and what it means to be a 'Vermonter'. Watch their work below.

David Goodman: Vermont skiers and impending climate change

Author and journalist David Goodman discusses the impact of skiing and winter sports on Vermont's development, economy and tourism. Why skiers should lead the charge on climate change. (David Goodman Video Transcript)

Paul Searls: Destroying Vermont to Save It

Professor Paul Searls of Lyndon State College explains how some Vermont towns have been taken over by the wealthy, and how Vermont's image has been shaped by those coming from out of state. (Paul Searls Video Transcript)

Rich Clark: Vermont's Identity

Rich Clark, Director of Castleton Polling Institute, talks us through the results of a poll asking about Vermont's character. (Rich Clark Video Transcript)

Amy Trubek: Vermont Maple Syrup

Amy Trubek discusses the phenomena of Vermont maple syrup and how it represents the identity of Vermonters. (Amy Trubek Video Transcript)