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Some of Vermont's researchers focus their work on climate change and the environment. Watch the videos below to learn about their areas of study. 

Amy Seidl: Communicating about Climate Change

In a joint project with the UVM Humanities Center, Environmental Program Interim Associate Director Amy Seidl speaks about discussing climate change with her neighbors. (Communicating about Climate Change Video Transcript)

Jennie Stephens: Carbon Taxes in Vermont

Jennie Stephens, the Blittersdorf Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy at the University of Vermont talks about Vermont's efforts to ride the renewable energy wave. (Carbon Taxes in Vermont Video Transcript)

Chris Koliba: Lake Champlain Water Quality

Christopher Koliba is a Professor in the Community Development and Applied Economics Department at the University of Vermont (UVM) and the Director of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program. He focuses his research on the water quality of Lake Champlain to determine how we should govern these systems. (Lake Champlain Water Quality Video Transcript)

Rachel Schattman: Climate Change v. Vermont Farmers

Rachel Schattman has experienced first-hand the possible effects of climate change on Vermont farming. (Climate Change v. Vermont Farmers Video Transcript)

M.D. Usher: Sustainability, Ancient Greeks, and Farming in Vermont

M.D. Usher, Chair of the UVM Classics Department discusses his sheep farm in Shoreham, Vermont and how his two fields merge in his new project about the cultural history of sustainability and complex systems. (Sustainability, Ancient Greeks, and Farming in Vermont Video Transcript)

Shoshana Inwood: Health Care and Young Farmers

UVM Assistant Professor Shoshana Inwood describes the challenges faced by many young farmers in regard to health care and starting a family. (Health Care and Young Farmers Video Transcript)

Richard Kujawa: Conservation Easements & the Land Trust

Professor Richard Kujawa of St. Michael's College discusses the effect that easements and land trusts have had on land conservation in Vermont. (Conservation Easements & the Land Trust Video Transcript)

Ingrid Nelson: Green Vermont Campuses

UVM Professor Ingrid Nelson explains how and why colleges throughout the country are making efforts to green their campuses, taking Vermont as a strong example. (Green Vermont Campuses Video Transcript)