choir psalter

Choir Psalter with musical notation, made in Italy between 1350 and 1400, one of the manuscripts that will be on loan at Silver Special Collections in Fall 2019

Medievalist faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences have won a Lattie F. Coor Collaborative Fellowship from the UVM Humanities Center to support an exciting project on “Medieval Manuscripts and the Modern Humanities at UVM” in Fall 2019.

The timing of the Fellowship capitalizes on the fact that during the Fall 2019 semester Silver Special Collections will host a marvelous group of medieval and more recent manuscripts.  The traveling collection is part of the “Manuscripts in the Curriculum” project sponsored by Les enluminures, and will make twenty-one manuscripts available for hands-on study by our students and faculty, supplementing the permanent collection of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts already available in Special Collections for teaching and research purposes.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity for members of the UVM community to get up close to this fantastic range of manuscripts,” according to Professor of History Sean Field. “We’re really excited about the possibilities this Fellowship offers for teaching and research, and we’re grateful to both the Humanities Center and Silver Special Collections.”

UVM students can take advantage of this opportunity most directly by enrolling in the upper level seminar (HST 225) on Books and Readers in Europe, 1200-1550 that will be offered in Fall 2019 by Professors Charlie Briggs and Jeff Marshall (Director of Silver Special Collections).  Other medievalist faculty will made guest appearances at the seminar from week to week, to share their expertise.  But a range of other classes offered by CAS medievalists in the fall will also visit Silver Special Collections to work with the manuscripts-on-loan, so the benefits of this Fellowship will resonate across the College and beyond.

A range of public presentations will culminate on 8-9 November 2019, when a symposium in beautifully-restored Billings Library will feature student work, presentations on specific manuscripts by Fellows, and also talks by invited scholars from Dartmouth, Yale, and the Medieval Academy of America, concerning manuscripts in the permanent collection and those on loan. 

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Faculty members Anne Clark (Religion), Jenny Sisk (English), Charles Briggs (History), Charles-Louis Morand-Métivier (Romance Languages and Linguistics), and Sean Field (History) looking at a recently acquired manuscript in Silver Special Collections.