Millie Heckler is an interdisciplinary artist who merges singing, dance and original music to inspire pleasure, authenticity and change. Her passion lies in unlocking voices of the body. Through a practice of (re)opening embodied instruments—such as movement, vocalization, storytelling and imagination—she leans into self-remembrance: What am I capable of creating?

Currently, Heckler is a Visiting Artist at the University of Vermont, honing her skills as a dance educator, performance artist and singer/songwriter. Having danced with Hip Hop Dance Theater luminary Rennie Harris and afro-contemporary company Charles O. Anderson/dance theater X, she uses dance as a catalyst for claiming the sensuality of her authentic experience and as a practice for building community. In May 2020, she re-emerged as a solo artist after receiving an MFA in Dance and Social Justice from University of Texas Austin. Additionally, she is co-founder of Yes Body: a ‘traveling party’ dedicated to relentless self-progression and the pursuit of fearlessness.

Millie Heckler_"Move"

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

contemporary dance; street dance forms; improvisation


  • MFA Dance & Social Justice, UT Austin
  • BFA Dance, CU Boulder


  1. www.millieheckler.com