Visiting Artist

Millie Heckler is a dance and music artist from Vermont. She holds an MFA in Dance and Social Justice from UT Austin and a BFA in Dance from CU Boulder. She's toured with Street Dance Theater pioneer Rennie Harris and afro-contemporary company Charles O. Anderson/dance theater X. As a white woman, she is an appreciative cultural guest and student within Black and brown American dance forms.

Heckler’s personal projects center community engagement, multi-disciplinary performance, collaborative art making and facilitation, and equitable community dialogue. She is co-founder of Yes Body: a ‘traveling party’ dedicated to relentless self-progression and the pursuit of fearlessness. Hosting parties and events, teaching a variety of dance classes, and performing original works, the company advocates for embodied responsibility, upholding values of creativity, individuality, innovation (R.H. Laws of Hip Hop), social equity, and inclusivity at all costs. Yes Body’s intention is to create safe spaces for anyone interested in uniting through music, dance and self-expression.

Millie Heckler_"Move"

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Contemporary dance; street dance forms; improvisation


  • MFA Dance & Social Justice, UT Austin
  • BFA Dance, CU Boulder