Lois Trombley teaches hip-hop courses at UVM. Her downtown Burlington dance studio, the Swan Dojo, is a movement-based studio used for classes, guest-teacher workshops, and performances ranging from breakdance to Buti Yoga to Afro-Caribbean to the undefinable. In recent years, her classes have included hip hop, cabaret jazz, dancehall reggae, Afro-modern, Bollywood, burlesque-- or a fusion of any of the above. In addition to being a longtime member of the West African Jeh Kulu Dance and Drum Theater, Lois also directs her own hip hop company Laisse Tomber. She is also the co-founder of the SpielPalast Cabaret, an annually-produced political performance circus of song, theater, and dance.

Lois Trombley

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Courses Taught

DNCE 095 - Hip-Hop I

DNCE 095 - Hip-Hop II