Content Warning:
Bat Boy: The Musical
Story and Book by Keythe Farley & Brian Fleming
Music and Lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe

This production contains graphic depictions of violence
that may not be suitable for all audience members.
This production will use strobe & haze effects and the sound of gunshots will be heard.

Please see the below list of content warnings for more details.
***Please note - contains spoilers***
Graphic violence including:
• Physical altercations resulting in injury, blood, and death
• Marital violence
• Gun violence
• Stabbing
• Violence involving animals
• Immolation
• Cannibalism
• Matricide
• Patricide
• Sexual violence
• Loss of children
● Frank talk of gender, sex, and sexuality

Sexual situations including:
• Depictions of nonconsensual sex
• Bestiality
• Incest
• Orgiastic choreography

-Discussions of abandonment.