The University of Vermont will present The Spring Festival of Plays – The Senior One Acts 2017, April 22 and 23 at 2PM and 7:30PM in the Royall Tyler Theatre on the campus of the University of Vermont.

The Senior One Acts are an eagerly anticipated annual event in the department’s yearly production schedule. The one acts are produced and directed by members of the Senior Seminar class and are the culmination of four years of study in the Department of Theatre. Through the process of producing the one acts the students have an opportunity to apply collaborative and creative skills they’ve learned in during their years of study. These skills include organization, communication, and an understanding that in life, as in the theatre, we need each other in order to be fulfilled, productive, and successful. These necessary skills have been put to the test over the past semester for the students whose work you will experience in the Spring Play Festival.

This year’s program will feature four diverse one act plays with themes that range from an exploration of the power of the human connection, a farcical take on the revenge tragedy genre, a play about love (and hate) and the way people change each other and a magical and fantastical love story, questions of gender and sexuality norms are brought into question by a world where they are fluid.

Each one act will be presented twice over the weekend giving patrons an opportunity to join with these talented young theatre artists as they put into practice the skills they have learned and honed over their four years at UVM. Here is this year’s line-up:

Program A – presented Saturday, April 22 @ 2PM and Sunday, April 23 @ 7:30PM.

Why Do We Laugh by Stephen Gregg
Directed by Caroline Dababneh
At age 6, Meredith Wilfred loves to tell people that she hates her neighbor, Andrew Powers. At age 16, she tells Andrew the same thing but goes to the dance with him anyway. At 45, Meredith and Andy have a great deal to tell each other: most married couples do. And, even at 66, Meredith is still learning about, and from, Andrew. 
All eight actors—two characters at four different stages in their lives and relationship—are present on stage for the entirety of the piece. The result is a play about love (and hate) and the way people change each other.

The Maker of Dreams by Oliphant Down
Directed by Summer Leppanen

The Maker of Dreams is the story of a man, Pierette, and a person, Pierrot of who live and perform together. To Pierrot, their relationship is strictly business so they spend their time searching for the perfect woman. Pierrette on the otherhand is deeply in love with their co-performer, but has come to accept that he will never be with them. That is, until the Manufacturer, a mysterious and magical woman, comes in to help the two friends realise what they both really want. In a magical and fantastical love story, questions of gender and sexuality norms are brought into question by a world where they are fluid.

Program B – presented Saturday, April 22 @ 7:30PM and Sunday, April 23 @ 2:00PM

Feeding The Moonfish by Barbara Weichmann
Directed by Jace Jamason

Every night, Martin, mid-twenties, sits on the dock of a saltwater lake in Florida to talk to the moonfish that feed on the wood. One night, Eden, sixteen, stows away in his car to discover what Martin does after work. As Eden confronts Martin, dark secrets from each of their pasts are revealed, and the two discover a connection between them through similar experiences of loneliness, tragedy, and abuse. Feeding the Moonfish draws on the influence of natural forces, the significance of memory, and the power of human connection to weave a ghostly and surreal tale of loneliness, violence, and fear.
     (While there is no physical violence on stage, the characters describe past violence in detail.)

The Awful, Horrible Tragedy of Enrico
A Short Comedy by Jeanette Patterson
Directed by Grace McLaughlin

In a world where only one man speaks in verse, he tries to get revenge for his murdered father. But who did it? Was it his lovers' father? Enrico thinks so. He enlists the help of his best friend to get revenge but everything doesn’t really go as planned.

General admission tickets are $10 for each performance and can be purchased in person or via telephone at the Royall Tyler Theatre box office during regular box office hours – Tuesday thru Thursday from 11AM to 4PM. Call the box office at 802-656-2094 to purchase tickets or for more information. You can also email with any questions or for more information.