Foundation for Finance: Sam Tweed '16

Sam Tweed

A graduate of the Middlesex School in Concord, M.A., Sam Tweed '16 received a lacrosse scholarship at UVM and played defense for the Cats. In the classroom, he chose a double major in economics and math.

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The Class of 2018

“Working in the lab can sometimes be like trying to catch a black cat in a dark room,” says Nata Dudkina (above), a biochemistry major and native of Azerbaijan who’s worked in Professor Severin Schneebeli’s lab since her junior year.

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The proof is in our alumni.

The College of Arts and Sciences can't help boasting about our former students who have moved on to make meaning in the world around us.

What will you do and how will you get there?

UVM's Career Center and 4-Year Plan to Career Success has been written about in USA Today and beyond. It's that good. Be in touch with the Career Center early at UVM -- your advisor can tell you more.