Jacquelyn Pless ’09 Pushes for Energy Innovation

On a recent Friday afternoon Jacquelyn Pless ’09 stood in front of the Old Mill economics seminar room and looked out at an audience that included many familiar faces—faculty mentors from her undergraduate days. 

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Lauren Blue '12 returns to UVM as choreographer for 2020 "Dancing Uphill"

Each spring the UVM Dance Program presents Dancing Uphill, a four-day performance event featuring original choreography created by UVM faculty, students and professional guest artists. One of the guests for this year’s event January 22-25 is Lauren Blue ’12, who returned to campus two days before the start of spring semester classes to develop an original work in collaboration with 12 

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Undergrad Research Experience Leads to Yale Ph.D. Program

“Working in the lab can sometimes be like trying to catch a black cat in a dark room,” says Nata Dudkina '18, a biochemistry major and native of Azerbaijan who’s worked in Professor Severin Schneebeli’s lab since her junior year.

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The proof is in our alumni.

The College of Arts and Sciences can't help boasting about our former students who have moved on to make meaning in the world around us.

What will you do and how will you get there?

UVM's Career Center and 4-Year Plan to Career Success has been written about in USA Today and beyond. It's that good. Be in touch with the Career Center early at UVM -- your advisor can tell you more.