Students in the College of Arts & Sciences explore the intersection of food systems, sustainable agriculture, and archaeology in an internship program run by Classics Professor Mark D. Usher. 

In summer 2018, a group of UVM students from various majors traveled to Italy to intern at Le Mole Sul Farfa, a farm situated alongside ancient Roman ruins. 

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Le Mole sul Farfa is a modern agriturismo (farm and farm stay/bed and breakfast) that features an attached ancient olive grove that preserves substantial remains of an ancient Roman villa currently being excavated. Le Mole makes estate olive oil and hosts guests throughout the year. The food served (vegetarian) is “farm-to-table,” authentic regional Italian cuisine prepared by the proprietors themselves.

This unique opportunity allowed students in summer 2018 to engage in research at an ancient olive grove and modern agriturismo that preserves substantial remains of an ancient Roman villa dating from the Republican era (2nd century BCE). The work involves archaeological excavation, agricultural tasks, including field botany and GPS mapping, and the harvesting and preparation of local food.

Interns leveraged the multidiscplinary nature of Le Mole to get experience in various field and lab techniques of archaeological science including field botany and GPS mapping, acquire agricultural skills related to olive farming (including propagation), and engage in food preparation and acquire knowledge about the regional food system. 

Watch the project description provided by Professor Usher in the video below:

The College of Arts & Sciences was proud to support this internship program during the summer of 2018. For more information and details about future participation, please reach out to Professor Mark D. Usher


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