Together, the College of Arts and Sciences and UVM offer an environment where participation just happens.

Here, students are exposed to a variety of opportunities to strengthen their academic experiences and to energize their skills for professional life after UVM. Start planning your engagement through our new experiential learning website Launch or by taking a look at the opportunities listed below. 

First-Year Experience Programs

students on campus

In their first year at UVM, students will experience the vast array of different learning communities that make up the College of Arts and Sciences. During this time, students will begin to establish lifelong relationships with their professors and peers, becoming active intellectual citizens.

Honors Opportunities

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The very essence of our intimate college within a larger university creates an environment where high-level participation just happens. As a result, many College of Arts and Science students seek opportunities for honors studies. Both UVM and the College of Arts and Sciences provide opportunities for students to pursue independent research or creative projects that can culminate with honors recognition.

Study Abroad

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Our students boast a world of successes around the world. The College of Arts and Sciences has many participants in study abroad, with a broad range of destinations and types of experiences -- whether you're looking to expand your global reach for year, a semester, or just a week. Students interested in studying abroad should visit the Office of International Education, located in B-162 of Living/Learning Center, to learn more about opportunities, eligibility and guidelines. Academic advisors and the Office of Transfer Affairs will also be important partners in the process.


internship at Fuse

Internship courses in Arts and Sciences offer students an array of answers to this question, by delving into scholarly approaches to their internship. While student interns often go out "there" to gain job experience, it is rare to come back "here" and put those experiences in an intellectual context; students will be able to compare their working environment, institutional structure, tasks, skills, and distinctive challenges to those of their classmates, all while reading and talking about these issues in their broadest sense.

Research and Travel Funding

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College of Arts and Sciences students may apply for funding to support their own research projects, to attend professional conferences, and to provide research assistance in faculty research laboratories in either the College of Arts and Sciences or in another UVM College/School provided there is an Arts and Sciences faculty sponsor. Funding opportunities include:


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At UVM, we like to say that we have a club for every culture, interest or end goal. From world-acclaimed Lawrence Debate Union to UVMTV, The Vermont Cynic newspaper, fly fishing, horticulture, Women's Center, Black Student Union and beyond, we have 200 clubs and organizations to enrich your UVM experience.