Spring 2023 RDS Courses
DepartmentCourse #TitleCategory for RDS Minor
EnglishENGS 050 Art of the Essay Core Writing
FTSFTS 008Classical Cinema Media History/Theory
EnglishENGS 114Writing Place: Travel/Nature Advanced Practice
EnglishENGS 117Creative NonfictionAdvanced Practice
FTSFTS 141Film/Video Production IAdvanced Practice
FTSFTS 142Film/Video Production IIAdvanced Practice
ARTSARTS 137 * PhotographyAdvanced Practice
ARTSARTS 138*Color PhotographyAdvanced Practice
ARTSARTS 148* Intro to Video ArtAdvanced Practice
ASAS 189InternshipInternship
ASAS 190InternshipInternship
FTSFTS 192InternshipInternship


*Prerequisites apply, and instructor permission may be required.