My research specializations are international migration, race and ethnicity, and the sociology of culture.  The doctorate in Sociology is from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in 2012.  I hold the M.A. from Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, and an M.Phil. from the Graduate Center.
The dissertation examined emerging patterns of immigrant, primarily East Asian settlement, since the 1970s, in a New York metropolitan suburb.  Using multi-methods (in-depth interviews, fieldwork, document analysis, census analysis), the thesis explores the complexities and implications of suburbanization for immigrant assimilation, intergroup relations, and ethnoracial identity formation.  
I have also participated in various research projects, both quantitative and qualitative.  I conducted statistical analysis for the Second Generation Metropolitan New York project and for the study of the effects of remedial education at the City University of New York.  I have also been involved in international and comparative research projects sponsored by Princeton University and Harvard University, conducting in-depth interviews in the Tokyo metropolitan areas concerning attitudes and trends in postindustrial Japan.

My reviews and articles have been published in the Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies, the Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration (2012) and The Next Generation: Immigrant Youth in a Comparative Perspective (2011).     

As a lecturer at the University of Vermont, a joint appointment with the Department of Sociology and the ALANA U.S. Ethnic Studies program, I teach Race Relations in the U.S. and the Introduction to U.S. ALANA Ethnic Studies.  Prior to UVM, I taught survey courses in Sociology and Social Research Methods at various colleges in New York.

Noriko Matsumoto

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Culture, East Asia, immigration, race and ethnicity, research methods, theory


  • Ph.D. City University of New York, NY, 2012


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