We offer undergraduate majors and minors in French, Italian Studies and Spanish as well as a separate minor in Italian.

All of our language programs offer the chance to study abroad through one of UVM's exchange partner universities.

Can I double major?
Yes! Many students choose to do so. Our majors pair very well with a wide variety of other fields, and our major requirements have enough flexibility built in to accommodate a second major.
What are the courses like?
We offer a full range of language, literature, and culture courses. In a major or minor in one of the languages, you'll have advanced courses in the language as well as literature and culture courses. Our curriculum covers the full extent of the areas of the world where our languages are spoken - from European countries such as France, Spain, and Italy to places like Québec, Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean. All courses are conducted in the language you are studying.
Can I study abroad?
Absolutely! We encourage it and do our best to facilitate it. You'll work with a study abroad advisor from the Office of International Education and someone from our department to choose the kind of program that's best for you and ensure that your credits transfer to UVM.
Do I need to take a Foreign Language Placement test?